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What we believe in

Make every move count.

Make every
move count.

We believe mobility is a good thing because it connects us and moves us further. In our minds, in our lives and in our cities. Mobility shouldn’t be about ideology – nor only about good or bad technology – but about us, not being stuck in our daily traffic routines. Driving change by making better choices every day to move cleaner, smarter and smoother. The options are all there.

Only together can we #takethegoodturn

to make the cities quieter,

the air cleaner and

the traffic better.

Who's joined us already

Partners, who take
the good turn with us.

Partners, who take the good turn with us.

The missing link

Changing mobility starts
with changing behavior.

Mobility options in bigger cities are there. But only a few people think about it daily. Our Mission: an initiative to join the forces of society, economy and politics to change mobility behavior for the better. With creativity, campaigning, PR, content and a data-driven nudging tool.


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Now / the good turn
Future / the good turn #takethegoodturn

One number to motivate change

Making good
mobility measurable.

The good
turn index

A simple tool to display and drive good mobility behavior in our cities. Driven by data and people. Making the good turn happen.

Break the routines

Let's establish a new
urban mobility-culture

Let's establish a new urban mobility-culture

Many of us experience the downsides of urban traffic every day. And even though alternative technologies and services are at our fingertips, we are stuck in our daily traffic routines. To provide #feelgoodmobility for all of us, we need to establish better ways of moving through the city – not by making it a moral issue, but by making everybody experience the favours of quieter and cleaner mobility, every day. With these action fields, we make the good turn happen together with our partners.

a movement

Recently, we all experienced that solidarity works. And that change is possible. Let’s spark change for a better urban mobility as well. #takethegoodturn


You don’t have to choose the best transportation means for the day. Just for the next ride. It’s all about getting from A to B to C to D and back to A – however suits you best. Green, joyful, relaxed, fast and inexpensive. The options are all there to move cleaner, quieter and better.


Getting to work and back home 5 days a week. An excellent chance to try something new. And a unique opportunity for companies to offer their employees new, sustainable ways to move through the city.

the city

We will kick off  in Hamburg. Prototyping THEGOODTURN INDEX and building a case with our partners. As a blueprint for other cities. And with a rollout plan for 2021.


Take the good turn and
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