The good turn index

Make every move count.

Make every
move count.

Mobility is a culture and quality of life. By bringing it all down to just one number, we can easily understand how well we are all moving through our city. Just as checking the temperature or weather daily. Within this context, we can offer small steps and options to move cleaner, quieter and better. To raise the index if it’s terrible or to keep it up when it’s good.


Let’s think before we move.

Whether mobility feels good or bad depends on many factors: traffic flow, noise, stress, air quality. But we can influence them. Through modal split, green mobility or shared services and the responsible use of our cars. There are so many choices to move cleaner, quieter and better.


Let’s motivate people to try them out. With just one number.

the good turn index
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Daily reminder

To question our mobility routines.

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Community builder

Fostering solidarity to keep it up.

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Feedback provider

Responding to your actions.

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Agenda setter

Occasion and Input for news and events.


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